About us

Medicine is a science, caring is an art. Dr. Allamehzadeh will use his specialized training and knowledge to apply the science of medicine to tailor a treatment plan best fit for each individual patient. He believes that it is always in the patient’s best interest to seek help from a specialist who has the proper training and expertise in their field, particularly when it concerns your kidneys and pancreas.

Our friendly staff is eager to help and make your medical visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Each team member is highly trained and has advanced continuing education in their field. Our primary goal is to serve your medical needs, improve your health and make you happy.
Dr. Allamehzadeh speaks English and Farsi. Our staff can help Spanish patients too.

At Dr. Allameh’s practice we believe that the most valuable and best gift are the referrals that we receive from our existing patients.




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